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  • Don't stop your car in front of the terminals!

    Don't stop in front of the terminals more than 2 min. Embarking/ Disembarking disabled passenger, 5 min. stop. Please use the parking lot!

  • To passengers attention!

    To prevent fires, don`t transport electronic cigarettes inside your checked-in luggage!

Development and modernization

Download this article  "Dezvoltarea si Modernizarea Aeroportului International Iasi 2012"  in pdf or ppt .

Currently in the Iasi Airport functions the most modern passenger terminal of all regional airports. 

The new passenger terminal operates from October 2001, and is able to process 150 passengers per hour for domestic flights and 100 passengers per hour for international flights using separate streams, separate waiting rooms for boarding. The arrival flow operates both domestic and foreign arrivals, allowing minimum awaiting time for country entry, and passengers baggage recovery.

In the late 2005 we purchased an ILS approach equipment able to maintain the airport operational during the low visibility conditions . 

Currently, Iasi Airport is equipped with an NDB approach equipment assisted by a Precision Approach Radar, CAT I lighting with approach lights for Runways 15 and 33.

Also, we improved our ground support equipment with new elements, we provide a superior qualification to the staff dealing with the ramp activities and we have submitted for research the Handling Manual, at the IATA Handling Commission, to obtain accreditation to act as an authorized handling agent.

Passenger traffic and aircraft movements tend to double every year, and soon scheduled or charter international flights will result in even greater growth, especially following the opening of the Airport Travel Agency. It works as a ticket agency and a charter organizer in the same time. International flights operated directly from Iasi, will greatly increase the quality of local air transport.

Another future project is to build a cargo terminal, near the utility aviation hangar. This terminal will serve all the companies in the north-east of the country, it can process 50 tons of cargo per hour and its equipment can deal with general merchandise, with the perishable or dangerous cargo, except for the radioactive cargo.        

Modernization and investment projects

1. Development and modernization of Iasi International Airport - Module I

Projection and execution of a construction in order to achieve movement areas for a new runway of 2400 m length in RA Iasi Airport.

Implementation period - 25 months after contract assignment. Funds are provided from Iasi County for the period 2012-2014.

2.Development and Iasi International Airport modernization Module I - intermediate stage

This stage has the following objectives:

  • construction / development of two  rapid clearance ways (Bravo and Charlie)
  • building an embarkation / disembarkation platform as well, and related facilities (buoyage, lighting, etc.)

Funding for these objectives is provided by POST, DMI 2.4, for which the applications are already submitted.

3. Development and Iasi International Airport modernization - Module II, III, IV

These modules form modernization plan are in a draft form only, without having secured financing yet.

4. Acquisition of a multifunctional truck for moving surface maintenance

Funding is provided through a financial leasing.

5.Other investments will be presented in BVC 2013.


New airport project

Main features

  • New runway building in length of 3000 m, rotated with 5 degrees from the existing one
  • Passengers Terminal Extension
  • New Cargo Terminal
  • 500 Tones aircraft fuel depot
  • Access road to the CARGO Terminal
  • Methane Gas Network
  • Security Perimeter Fence


  • Upgrading of the electrical power supply
  • Heating, ventilation and climatherm installations
  • Sanitarium installations
  • Lighting installations
  • Installations for air navigation means and telecommunications


In September 2012 Iasi Airport was certified as


The certification approval was made ​​following the reports about  the required conditions for certification, prepared by the evaluation committee, appointed by the minister order. Criterias followed were related to arrivals and departures flows, domestic and international, public health facilities, medical asistance, veterinary and phytosanitary control, facilities about border crossings control and customs control.