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  • Don't stop your car in front of the terminals!

    Don't stop in front of the terminals more than 2 min. Embarking/ Disembarking disabled passenger, 5 min. stop. Please use the parking lot!

Cod Company Origin Time Destination Time Status
RO396    TAROM       Londra-Luto 00:50 IASI        04:50                 
RO703    TAROM       Otopeni     10:30 IASI        11:35                 
RO412    TAROM       Bergamo (Mi 10:35 IASI        13:50                 
OS645    TAROM       Viena       13:30 IASI        15:20                 
RO707    TAROM       Otopeni     17:20 IASI        18:25                 
RO406    TAROM       Roma        17:05 IASI        20:30                 
RO709    TAROM       Otopeni     21:40 IASI        22:45                 

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